Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Memories in March

Memories in March

Media form:
Language : English+Hindi+a little Bengali
Source: DVD
My Dristikon : * * * * *

This time i would say what the movie is not about!.. the movie is not about homosexuality, it is not a story of a gay, and it does not talk bout life of a gay. The movie is about how one perceives life. It is the sensitivity and simplicity of the movie that touches me the most. It is not a conventional chick flick and a must watch for parallel cinema lovers.

Best Moments:



and some more conversations

PS. the songs of the movie are FAB


Blogger bhin desi megh said...

i really loved the way the mother discovers her son through the eyes of his beloved .... toughing and painfully beautiful , the layers in between relationship and of course the way they look at life ....

12:06 AM  

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